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Pre-Sessional Success

Posted: 9th September 2020

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The impact of Covid-19 is surely one of the most challenging things most of us have experienced, with the shutting down of work and school creating a huge ripple effect across the world. How refreshing it was, therefore, to see the energy of some of our International students gracing the Foxcombe campus again during Taunton School International’s Pre-Sessional course.

With about 50 students spread across the TSI and TSIMS campuses, some quarantining to provide access from travel-banned countries, the course offered our international students an opportunity to get a head start on the year, with English lessons and study skills sessions providing the young people with an enriching experience before the start of term.

As well as 5 hours of study each day, the house staff provided a wonderful range of evening activities, from Rounders and Football outside, to Film nights, Pool tournaments and an enormous game of Capture the Flag. Saturday gave the students an opportunity to go for a walk on the Quantocks, one of Britain’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The course was a huge success, with many of the students engaging and conversing with people from all over the world. Considering the unfortunate cancellation of the Summer School 2020, it was a welcome opportunity for not just the students, but the staff as well, to return to some form of new-normal.

Thanks must go to Kevin Griffiths, the Summer School Director, the teachers and to the Summer School and Pastoral House Staff for providing a fantastic opportunity to reopen the school and get the students back to their learning ways.


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