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Outdoor Classroom Day

Posted: 6th November 2020

children exploring outdoors

On Thursday 5th November the sun shone brightly and the students took part in “Outdoor Classroom Day” – all lessons took place in the grounds at The Grange. One group made Iron Age Roundhouses from clay and sticks they had collected; another learned how to make a fire safely. The junior science groups collected different types of leaves and used an app to identify the names of the trees they came from, whilst the seniors learned about thermal energy transfer by making a cup of tea on the fire and then keeping it in a thermos flask – it certainly keeps warmer longer than a regular teacup! They also learned about how a dog’s coat keeps it warm by trapping air between the layers. The senior maths groups drew Pythagorean trees whilst the younger students used parachute games to learn maths vocabulary.

As it was 5th November, the English groups learned about the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, making props and then re-enacting the story to produce a storyboard. These were then displayed in the foyer along with our “Fireworks Display” of chalk drawings of fireworks.
On Friday night, the boarders made toffee apples then enjoyed a campfire with hotdogs and S’mores, followed by sparklers.


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