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Year 4 students present The Wind and The Willows

Posted: 20th October 2021

The Wind and The Willows

Taunton Prep School Year 4 students presented a production of The Wind and The Willows to a packed audience. Every child, no matter their role, played a huge part in making this the success that it was, especially when the production was put together in a matter of days.

At Taunton Prep School, we love our tradition of producing whole year group productions and it was such a joy to be able to resume this routine, giving the children the experience of a collective journey from page to stage.

Bravo and well done to the children and to all the staff involved, with a special thank you to Mr Jelf for his outstanding vision and tireless work and effort towards making this production reach new heights in production standards. The lighting, props, costumes, make-up and incredible set (including a car!) were tremendous. The first of many superb productions with Mr Jelf at the helm, steering us to success.


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