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New titles added to school library after students explore Black History Month at Taunton School

Posted: 2nd November 2021

A child from an independent school holding a book

During Black History month, the students at Taunton School International Middle School have been learning about the lives of black people in Britain, and their vast contribution to our
collective history.

We often learn about the American civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, but how much do we really know about Black British History? A good starting point is reading ‘Black and British – A Forgotten History’ by the contemporary black historian and film maker, David Olusoga, whose research highlights the century old links between Britain and Africa.

Our celebration of Black History Month is connected to the development of our school library. New titles such as: Black History Matters, Black Women in Science, Timelines from Black History and Young Gifted Black will hopefully promote more awareness and understanding of the importance of Black history.

Students were also asked to research role models including Martin Luther King Jr, Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams and created a display in the centre of the school.

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