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Taunton School Rugby Team Celebrate Win By Re-Creating Old Photo

Posted: 20th December 2021

Taunton School rugby team

Good sports at Taunton School re-created an old photo this week after repeating a win in a rugby clash 75 years after the original picture was taken.

The school’s 2021 First Team posed for the picture, copying the 1946 stances and even covering themselves in mud to mimic the black and white snap.

The image was captured after Taunton School’s recent victory over Blundell’s, which ended on a 36-13 win. The 1946 match had culminated in a score of 3-0.

Rugby coach Nic Sestaret said: “It was a very proud and emotional day for the squad, so it felt fitting to mark it by re-creating a picture from the archives which showed the team who beat Blundell’s in the same match 75 years ago.

“It’s great that rugby at Taunton School is just as strong today as it was all those years ago and it was fun for the squad to create new memories by revisiting old ones.”


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