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Athletics and rackets development days

Posted: 10th March 2022

A group of Prep school students running.

Taunton School is proud to be holding development days for athletics and rackets during the Easter holidays next month (11th and 12th April 2022).

Here, children will get the chance to learn key skills in their chosen sport, led by our highly skilled sports staff on our fantastic facilities on-site here in Taunton School.


Athletics development days

Our athletics development days will primarily cover both track and field events. The day will be centered around athletic movement skills which underpin these events and are transferable to any youth sport.

Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Price: £30 per day

Age group: Date: 
Years 3 to 911th AprilRegister now
Years 3 to 912th AprilRegister now


A picture of a tennis racket and ball

Rackets development days

Our racket development days will offer children the perfect opportunity to develop their skills and tactical awareness in tennis, badminton and table tennis. We work in partnership with the athletic development team in order to improve all aspects of their physical development.

Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Price: £30 per day

Age group:Date: 
Years 3 to 911th AprilRegister now
Years 3 to 9 12th AprilRegister now

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