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10 reasons to get involved with Taunton’s Music School

Posted: 18th March 2022

By Ben Wilkinson, Taunton School International’s Graduate Resident Assistant

It can be far too easy to neglect those parts of your brain that thrive in the presence of creativity.

When the day of a typical Taunton School boarder involves lessons, clubs, sport and activities, it’s even more important to find a moment to be creative, dramatic and musical.

Yet it is proven that students who take part in creative and performing arts are statistically less likely to find themselves with poor mental health, and are far more likely to attain the grades they wish to aim for. So why not give it a go?


At Taunton School, we have a state-of-the-art Music Department with access to numerous pianos, grand and upright, a full Apple Mac suite and recording studio, and music lessons for every instrument you can think of.


Here are 10 top tips for making the most of Music at Taunton School:

  1. Try something new! If you don’t play an instrument, don’t be nervous! Pick up something you’re interested in and give it your best shot. Musical involvement at Taunton School is quickly on the rise, with a quarter of the student body learning to play an instrument; approximately 30 of which are learning more than one!


  1. Practice makes perfect: Taunton School is a place where you can work simply for your own satisfaction… and it can definitely be satisfying to learn that piece you’ve struggled with! The music school practice rooms are open and available for use daily between 6am and 10pm so students are able to visit as regularly as they would like to.


  1. Start early! Young musicians at Taunton Prep School are highly encouraged to audition for the Taunton Children’s Choir as well as the National Children’s Choir, National Children’s Orchestra, IAPS Orchestras and Bands and the National Youth Music Theatre. The opportunity to play in Performing Arts Cafes also allows younger pupils to build confidence and to flaunt their creativity in front of family and friends.


  1. Go and listen to the Teatime Concerts! Every Wednesday, musicians of every level play to an audience in our beautiful 19th century Chapel. You could even play in the concert! Watch some of our latest concerts here: Autumn Concert 2020 on Vimeo, Michaelmas Concert – 23/11/2021 (vimeo.com)


  1. Who knows where it could lead – we have a long line of Taunton School alumni who have gone on to world class music conservatoires including the Royal Academy of Music, The National Opera Studio, The Royal College of Music, The Royal Welsh College, Leeds College of Music, The Royal Northern College of Music, Mountview Theatre School, Trinity College London and the Guildhall. One of our students, Harry L from Hong Kong received a place at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston this year!


  1. Joining one of the many ensembles not only gives you an amazing opportunity to play with other musicians, but you get to meet people from all over the school too! The symphony orchestra, dance band, string/wind quartets, piano trios, sax ensembles, rock band, funk band, chapel choir, chamber choir, community choir and popular music choir are just a few of the countless ensembles and groups on offer.


  1. Give Music Technology a go! You don’t have to play an instrument to be musical; you could learn to record other people, or produce your own electronic music. With the power of our high-tech studio at your fingertips, the world is your oyster!


  1. Enter competitions judged by nationally-recognised musicians. The Taunton School Concerto Competition, most recently adjudicated by Pete Harrison, is an annual event and a phenomenal thing to be involved in! Our students have also topped various categories in local and national competitions such as BBC Young Musician of the Year and the Two Moors Festival.


  1. Learn a skill that will better your hand eye coordination! Playing a musical instrument has shown to help connect your brain to your hands and eyes. Are you a keen sportsman? This might help! Taunton School student Seb Dando played first team rugby and took part in swimming, hockey and athletics while also being a keen saxophonist and drummer while at Taunton School. “I found that balancing my music and sport was really easy at Taunton and that one complimented the other. It’s so great that you are able to do both at Taunton School!”


  1. Take advantage of brilliant teachers and facilities. Our extensive teaching and practice rooms all with new Yamaha pianos, high-tech music classroom and studio, lovely Recital Hall holding 120 people, percussion studio, beautiful Chapel housing a Copeman Hart Organ, Theatre and Arts Centre holding 220 people, master classes and individual lessons ensure students have the best resources at hand. Taunton School has an outstanding music department; use it, for whatever you need.


Music is such a wonderful part of school life here at Taunton School and can make a real difference to your health and wellbeing. Whether you are a seasoned performer, bedroom DJ or beginner one-man-band, Taunton School is the perfect place to explore and grow creatively.


Find out more about Music at Taunton School here: https://www.tauntonschool.co.uk/international/co-curricular/international-performing-creative-arts/

Watch our video about music at Taunton School on our video gallery here: https://www.tauntonschool.co.uk/video-gallery/

Or contact our Admissions team to discuss your Taunton School music journey. Email admissions@tauntonschool.co.uk

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