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Welcome to Taunton School Pre-Prep and Nursery

This exciting journey starts in the Nursery with babies from six months of age to our older children in the Pre-Prep at the end of Year two, aged seven years of age. Children then naturally progress into the next stage at Taunton Prep School (TPS).

Mrs Louise Leah is the Head of our Pre-Prep and Nursery leading this thriving part of the school, which has recently retained its “Outstanding” accreditation in Early Years from Ofsted. We believe that by creating a happy, nurturing environment for both the children and the staff, a first-class education follows, with our team of professional dedicated staff delivering an individualised approach to learning.

The Nursery is divided into four separate parts with each of the areas appropriate for the age and stage of the children. This enables us to create a bespoke environment to meet your child’s needs, supported by our nurturing and experienced staff.

After the children have finished our Pre-school – the final stage of nursery – they seamlessly transition to one of our two Reception classes and continue to follow the EYFS until the beginning of Key Stage One in Year One.  

We pride ourselves in supporting our busy parents the best way we can, so with this in mind, we offer an early drop off from 07.30am and are open until 5.45pm in the evening.  This facility is open to both parents in the Nursery and the Pre-Prep. Our staff are always available to speak with you as we have a completely “Open Door” approach with our parents and know that this communication is vital to every child’s success.  

After school, for the Pre-Prep children, we have a broad range of clubs available for the children to experience including Mandarin, forest school, street dance, yoga, jazz dance, construction club, play with clay, craft club, football, ukulele and recorder club. 

In the Nursery and until your child turns five years of age, eligible families are able access Early Years funding of up to 30 hours per week, in line with the government funding rules.

We have large dedicated outdoor spaces for the nursery and pre-prep children to aid their physical and emotional development.  These include two forest school areas, a play park area, and a large playground which includes the extremely popular fleet of trikes!

As a “through-school” we offer the benefit of guaranteed school places as your child progresses from Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep and onto the Senior School. Being based on one school site is a huge advantage as it enables your child to access all the facilities such as the swimming pool, sports hall, theatre, dedicated ICT suites and the Prep School Library, together with the medical centre and dining hall facilities.

Specialist teachers deliver lessons in modern foreign languages, swimming, sport, dance, singing and music from Nursery Three upwards.

Whatever year group your child joins us in, you can be confident that they will be nurtured in a healthy environment, inspired by the staff, have many opportunities and friends around them and enjoy being challenged by the environment, activities and individualised approach, in order to promote their development at this vital stage in their educational journey.

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What is the youngest age my baby is able to start at Nursery?

We accept babies for the age of 6 months.

What is the minimum amount of sessions my child can attend the Nursery setting each week?

We request that children attend a minimum of 3 sessions a week. Either one day and one morning,  or three mornings or afternoons.

Are you open all year round?

We are open all year round apart from Bank holidays, the period between Christmas and New Year and for Inset training in September,  totalling no more than 2 weeks per year.

Can my child just use the nursery during term time?

Yes, you are able to access the Nursery for a term time or all year round place.


Do I have to pay a retainer for my child’s place if I have a term time place?

No, you are not required to pay a retainer during the holidays.

What facilities of the main school are offered to children in the nursery?

Children in Nursery 3 & 4 have access to the swimming pool and sports hall in the Prep School.  Nursery 4 use the dining room in the Senior school for their lunch.  All the children in nursery have access to the grounds/ forest school over the whole of the Taunton School site.

What are your staff/ pupil ratio in the Nursery?

The staff ratio for children under 2 years is 1:3, for 2 year olds 1:4 and 3 years 1:8, although we would always aim to have a ratio of 1:6

Do you accept Early Years 30 hour funding and Child care vouchers?

Yes, we accept the Government childcare vouchers and we are able to apply Somerset County Council 15 or 30 hours Early Years Funding.

What Specialist Teachers do you use in Nursery and from what age?

In Nursery 3 the children are taught to swim by our Swim School swimming instructors. Our Modern Foreign Language teacher teaches French together with one of our  School dance teachers, who comes to teach the children to dance.

Nursery 4 have access to the above members of staff with the addition of the Head of Music and Drama coming to take a music/singing lesson and the Prep School Sports staff take the children for PE each week.

How qualified are your staff?

Our Nursery 3 and 4 Room leaders are both qualified teachers.  Nursery 1 & 2 are led by highly experienced and fully qualified staff.  The four room leaders are supported by Nursery Practitioners with either level 2 or 3 qualifications in child care.  We do also employ three members of staff who are apprentices.  All our Nursery and Pre-Prep staff are Paediatric First Aid trained together with the usual Child Protection & Food and Hygiene training.

What hours can the children attend?

07.30 – 5.45pm

Is your food produced on site?

Yes, our lunch is provided by our on-site catering team the children’s morning and afternoon snacks are prepared in the Nursery.

What is your room maximum?

Nursery 1 has a maximum of 12 places, Nursery 2 has a maximum of 18 , Nursery 3 a maximum of 24 and Nursery 4 has 32 places  each day.


What age do the children start to wear school uniform?

The children start to wear Taunton School uniform in Nursery 3.

Do you have a settling in/Induction process for Nursery children?

Yes, all children will have an induction with their parents and Room leader followed by two one hour settling in sessions in the preceding weeks before they are due to start Nursery.  For children in Nursery 4 their sessions are usually for 2 hours on two separate occasions.

Do the older children in Nursery and the Pre-Prep go on visits outside the school?

Yes, children in Nursery 3 up go on educational visits outside of the school and are taken on these visits on Taunton School coaches which has suitable safety features for smaller children.

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