This event has now passed, but please feel free to explore this page to find out more about IB at Taunton School and to watch the full recording of the webinar which took place on Wednesday 11th November 2020.




We have been offering the IB Diploma since becoming an IB World School in 2007. During that time over 300 students have obtained the diploma and its popularity continues to grow not just with students, but also with universities and employers. The IB course, although challenging, appeals to the all-rounder who is academically strong in all subjects, allowing them to study a broad range of subjects in the Sixth Form. It will also appeal to those who are clear about their three or four main subjects but recognise the value of continuing with mathematics and a foreign language.

Whilst providing a challenging programme for the very able, it is not just for the high achievers – any student with reasonable GCSE (or equivalent) grades who is well-motivated and prepared to work hard will succeed. The IB Diploma programme is Global by its very nature and provides an international education for students looking to widen their outlook


We will soon be accepting applications for the International Baccalaureate Scholarship. Taunton School offers IB Scholarships up to 100%. This is made possible thanks to philanthropist Ian Evans Lombe. More information about our scholarship will be made available during the event.

Evans Lombe application deadline: Monday 25th January 2021. 



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