Taunton School International Middle School is the newest addition to the Taunton School family and was established in 2012 to provide the crucial stepping stone into the British education system for younger international students.

At Taunton School International Middle School, we provide a safe, happy and respectful environment in which we nurture, challenge and inspire young people of diverse nationalities to achieve their full potential, underpinned by outstanding pastoral care and support.

There are many good reasons to come to this wonderful school, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Intensive education in English – we offer intensive education in English and provide core subject preparation to students aged 8-14 years old.
  • Flexibility – Students can attend for 1, 2 or 3 terms and can enter at the start of any term (September, January or April).
  • Specialist teachers – all of our teachers are highly qualified in their chosen subjects and they are also trained in teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL).
  • Small class sizes – with a maximum of 10 students per class, teachers are able to provide a huge amount of individual support.
  • Academic rigour – regular testing and tracking means we are able to monitor student progress and to offer additional support where needed.
  • Outstanding transfer rates – 90% of students last year transferred into a traditional British boarding school with the remaining 10% completing a second year at TSIMS.
  • Individual care and support – with a maximum of 60 students on role, we are able to provide outstanding academic and pastoral support to every one of our students.
  • Integration – we know how important it is for our International students to integrate with their peers from the Prep School or Senior School and we provide many ways for this to happen (see ‘Integration’ for further details)
  • Diversity – we are truly international with often more than 15 nationalities represented in the school, enabling students to genuinely develop their understanding of other cultures.
  • Fantastic facilities – students reside in our beautiful 19th century manor house, known as The Grange, located in the charming village of Kingston St Mary. The Grange is only a five minute drive from the main school site where students also have full access to all of the facilities within the senior and prep schools, including indoor swimming pools, science labs, theatre, music school, and much more.
  • Rich history – Sir Anthony Eden, British Prime Minister (1955 – 1957) used to holiday at The Grange during his time away from office. The pupils can enjoy the mature, ornamental gardens, native woodland and fine buildings as he did. The buildings have architectural features dating back to the 15th century but have been beautifully restored to provide educational facilities and modern amenities to the highest standard.
  • Co-curricular involvement – with over 100 clubs and societies to choose from and a superb range of weekend trips and events, there really is something for everyone
  • Continuity of study – the ability to transfer to the Prep School, Senior School or Taunton School International to continue their studies after TSIMS really is a huge benefit to many of our students.

Taunton School International Middle School is a special place where international students get the very best care and attention, in beautiful surroundings, allowing them to flourish and grow in confidence so that they are fully prepared for their onward educational journey.