We know how important it is for our international students to integrate with the British students at Taunton School and there are lots of ways in which we achieve this:


All of our sports programmes are integrated with the Prep and Senior School.  Many of our students gain places on Prep School or Senior School sports teams, such as in Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Football, Basketball and Tennis, providing wonderful opportunities to share their passion for sport whilst making British friends.

Activities & Clubs

At lunchtimes and after school our international students are able to access the 100 clubs and societies which run throughout the year.  From debating, to horse riding, to music, to cookery, to drama, there is something for everyone.


We have fantastic music departments at the Prep School and Senior School and our international students are often involved in whole school orchestras, bands, choirs, ensembles and concerts.  Music provides an excellent way of bringing people together and the enrichment this creates for all is often life-changing.


Every year, Taunton School puts on extremely ambitious theatrical productions and all our international students are welcome to participate, either on stage or perhaps behind the scenes.  No matter what ability or level of English the student might have, there is a role for everyone and as Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage”.

Weekend Trips

Every Saturday and Sunday, there is something to keep our students busy.  Weekend excursions are organised for the whole school and offer our international students the opportunity to meet new friends from across the School in a more relaxed and fun way.  Whether it be shopping in Exeter, go-karting in Bristol, taking in the Roman sites in Bath, marvelling at the World Heritage site of Stonehenge near Salisbury or simply enjoying a meal out together, there are so many trips on offer that every interest is catered for.

Inter-House Competitions

Just as in Harry Potter, there are a number of ‘Houses’ at Taunton School and the International Middle School students represent The Grange which competes in a number of inter-house competitions each year.

As you can see, there are so many ways our international students integrate with their peers at the Prep School and Senior School and by doing so, they make life-long friends and when they transfer to another part of the school they will already have a large friendship group of both international and British friends.