Angel from Bulgaria

International Student at Taunton School

“I feel my time at Taunton School International Middle School was really valuable. It was very interesting; it’s sort of like the basis of starting school, especially for me because this was my first day in England so it made me quite comfortable with everything. It is where I learnt basic English as well as the basis of everything else that I have learnt now. It taught me a lot of things like how to organise my time, basic chores like laundry and tidying my room, as well as how to prepare for exams and how to have a good work / social balance which has really helped me now. I was also awarded Student of the Year at the end of my time there!

I studied at TSIMS for a year before going to Taunton Senior School to do my GCSE’s and now I am doing IB. The house was nice and the beds are comfortable. The social life was good – it is very different to the social life at TS but I was quite young at TSIMS so I understand why we had a little less freedom, but we still used to get out of our rooms all the time to play sports like basketball and football, or talk to friends and socialise.

One of our family friends had been to TSI and he recommended the school. We visited a few schools when my brother was starting school and he liked this one best, then when I was starting I came here too – it is nice to have family here but I think I still would have chosen TSIMS even if my brother hadn’t come here!

When I first came I found it hard to understand people, but TSIMS was a very important part of my schooling because everyone there is coming to a new country and everyone is a bit nervous so it is a lot more comfortable for those people whose first time it is in England. Now my English is much better and I understand people much better; I almost understand English better then I understand Bulgarian! If someone is thinking of coming they need to be prepared to have a great time and learn a lot of things, and they should really enjoy their time as it goes so quickly.”

Lanta from Thailand

Student Testimonials at Taunton School

“I spent a year at Taunton School International Middle School and I had a really good time there; it was a nice experience being there first because it is a small school and you get to know lots of people. The teachers also have experience with international students so they don’t judge you on your English at all and support you all the time.

It’s so diverse there and people don’t care where you are from; they respect your beliefs and your culture and it’s really nice. It’s prepared me for this next bigger chance in my life; it prepared me for GCSEs and I understand much better now what it is all about.

We got to move about each term at the boarding house to live with different people and get to know them better. We also had trips every weekend and evening activities with all parts of the school not just my classmates and there’s always loads of opportunities for volunteering and trips.

When I came on a visit I just felt like it was a small community, it’s like a family. I visited other schools as well as here and I just felt that if I was coming to England for my first time, do I want to come to a small community where everyone cares about me or a really big school where probably no one cares and there isn’t focus on individuals.

I am so proud of what I have achieved so far.  I was a Prefect for the whole year and I was also an anti-bullying ambassador. If someone was thinking about coming to Taunton School International Middle School I would definitely recommend it, it’s really nice to be around different people from different countries, you learn other languages and cultures as well as English and it sets you up really well for the next steps of school life.”

Liza from Russia

Taunton School Student Testimonials

“I was at Taunton School International Middle School for a year before I came to Taunton School International to do the one year GCSE course and I had such an amazing time there! I met a lot of people from different countries and I think there was a really strong community. There are not a lot of people there and you feel like it’s a small family, you have a lot of brothers and sisters, and the teachers are sort of like your parents.

At first I learned how to be kind to everyone and try to be really supportive to others, but I also got amazing help in my English and it really helps me now to understand in lessons as well as understanding and talking to other people.

For the first time in my life I had a grade A+ in Science, which was like “Wow, I did it!” because for me, Science is quite difficult. I also got an award for netball for the most improved player which I am really proud of as I had never played Netball before.

After I have finished this course I think I will go to Taunton School to do A-levels and then go to University, perhaps in London or Spain and then of course get a job! I think Taunton School International Middle School is the best place to come, because it’s not too big so it’s not overwhelming, you can easily make friends and it really feels like home.”