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Latest Inspection

Taunton School received an outstanding inspection report across the board from its Nursery through to Sixth Form.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) judged Taunton Preparatory School and Taunton School International Middle School as “Excellent” in the quality of the students’ academic and other achievements and “Excellent” in students’ personal development - the two areas the new inspection framework focusses on. Excellent is the highest rating available.

Inspectors praised the School stating that it fully meets its aim to challenge, inspire and nurture pupils to achieve in a global community and rapidly changing world.

The inspection focused on educational quality and compliance and the School was judged to be fully compliant on all statutory regulations and requirements.

Some of the key findings:

Students’ Academic & Other Achievements

  • All groups of students demonstrate exemplary attitudes to learning
  • Students are highly motivated to learn and succeed
  • Students exhibit great delight in finding out more
  • Teachers have substantial expectations of students
  • Outcomes for pupils in the co-curricular programme are outstanding
  • Strong leadership and management are improving pupils’ overall achievements

Quality of the students’ personal development

  • Students feels extremely safe, well-known and nurtured
  • Pupils demonstrate high levels of self-understanding for their age and make intelligent and thoughtful choices
  • Pupils have an excellent appreciation of the diverse cultures within the school
  • Pupils behave well, accept responsibility and support each other
  • Pupils have a strong awareness of the need to stay safe, healthy and fit
  • Boarders’ personal development is greatly enhanced by their experiences in their boarding communities

Lee Glaser, Headmaster, said:

“This is an extremely good report across the board and shows that we have a lot to be proud of and excited about at Taunton School.  I would urge every parent to read inspection reports when choosing a school as they are the only real independent and objective comparison tool available.

I am grateful to the whole Taunton School community, including passionate academic staff, hardworking students, caring parents and a strong management team who are focused on continuing plans to further improve the life-changing education that we offer at Taunton School”.

ISI are an independent government –approved body which provides objective inspections to safeguard the quality and effectiveness of the education, care and welfare of children in schools.

Taunton School and all other independent school inspection reports are available to view on the ISI website: http://www.isi.net/reports/.

You can also download the full report in the Policies and Inspection Reports section of our website, or click here to open.