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Boarding Life

Our students come from all over the world, bringing together an exciting mix of nationalities, faiths and cultures.

Boarding plays a key role in our students’ exciting educational journey, helping them to cement lifelong friendships, build confidence and develop independence and self-reliance. A range of activities, sporting programmes, trips, excursions and cultural events help our pupils to integrate and widen their horizons.

All our students reside in Foxcombe House on the school campus, providing a warm and welcoming home from home for our students and ensuring a sense of belonging that offers the familiarity and security of a family environment. Bedrooms are single, twin or triple occupancy. Boys and girls live separately. Both boarding houses have recently undergone extensive refurbishment and there is good telephone and wifi access throughout the campus, making it easy for pupils to keep in touch with family and friends back home. There is also a central laundry and daily cleaning.

The health centre on the campus provides 24 hour medical care and includes a team of doctors, nurses, sports physiotherapists and counsellors.

Our students flourish under the pastoral care of our teachers and house staff who are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure they feel safe and happy and are achieving their full potential. 

All dietary needs and requirements are catered for by our catering team who provide a wide variety of fresh dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From vegetarian options, hot dishes, fresh fruit and vegetables, to snacks, a salad bar and an exciting international menu on Wednesdays, all tastes are well and truly covered.