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Our TSI students

Fatima - Mexican

I would describe TSI in one word as ‘Inspirational’. For me this is the first time I have lived without my parents which helps a lot with independence. I like the culture mix at TSI, I have got to know new people from different nationalities. The trips are well organised and there is a lot of variation. My favourite subject it Economics because it is interesting and the teacher explains it well. The teacher is strict but that helps with our learning. The best things that has happened was when I became a prefect. I got to organise the Christmas Social – all aspects of it – decorations, food, advertising, DJ and music plus lights! We also advertised it across the school through posters and visiting other houses on the campus. Over 100 students came, 35 from the senior school, 15 from TSIMS and 82 from TSI. I particularly like the ICT equipment at the school. It is very good because they have touchscreens which are very useful. Also Firefly (an electronic system on the school computers) is good, it helps greatly with learning and teaching. There is lots of variety of food each day and the quality is very good. There is also a lot of alternative options i.e for vegetarians and there are international days where they cook foods from all over the world.

Demi - American

I like being at TSI because it is a great opportunity to go to another country and study. I feel very responsible and independent since starting here. It is a good opportunity to learn new things. The staff are great – house staff, office staff and domestic staff – all fabulous. Psychology is my favourite subject as the teacher helps to make it fun so learning is easy. We do a lot of experiments as well, which makes the lessons more interesting. The best thing that I have done so far is my team won the House Basketball tournament and I also became a prefect. I love the sports department at TS because there is a wide variety of sport to do e.g. hockey, swimming, netball etc. TS is a well-equipped school with sports facilities including gyms, courts and swimming pools.  



Cansin - Turkish 


Being at TSI has made me responsible and more organised. My favourite subject is Business; my teacher has a really motivating style and the facilities are very high quality. I’ve also really enjoyed the extra-curricular activities such as go-karting and paintballing. It’s great that there is a balance of sports and academic activities. I have made lots of friend since starting at TSI. It’s easy to connect as everyone is new and wants to be friends.





Yok - Thai

I would describe TSI in one word as home. TSI is like a family. The staff are very helpful and it is a great place to improve your English. My favourite subject is Business – my teacher is very positive and always willing to help even when you have got it wrong. My family have a company and this is why I enjoy learning about business.




Nastya - Russian

TSI is my family. I really like the freedom I have for myself and it’s very much a home. It is also great to make friends with so many people from different nationalities. I really like Biology – I want to become a doctor in the future. The teacher makes it a really good learning experience. 







Canes - Turkish

I started at TSI in 2016 and progressed to TS in 2017. I’m currently studying A Levels in Computer Science, Economics and Maths.
I chose to come to this school after speaking to an agent and then visiting several schools in the UK. I was so impressed with Taunton School International, especially the breadth of subjects and co-curricular activities on offer. When I saw the amazing grounds I knew it was the place for me.
I settled in very quickly when I started at TSI and it was great to have many friends join me at TS too.
I am always kept busy, there is so much to do. I enjoy basketball and swimming competitively and having use of the swimming pool and gym is great. I hope to stay in the UK when I leave TS and go to University.
I would definitely recommend TSI to my friends back home.