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Academic Summer School

Junior (age 8-12 years)

The Junior Academic course offers young students a fun and hands on learning experience. Specially designed to engage young learners, this course offers a range of stimulating learning experiences in English.

Class sizes are small, averaging eight students per class (with a maximum of 12), and students are taught by specialist teachers, offering a range of subjects from Art, DT and Performing Arts to Science, Mathematics, ICT and Humanities.

Aimed at encouraging experiential and thematic learning, students will spend at least one afternoon a week outside the classroom on project work in the local environment. Fun, active and stimulating, this course will build confidence in communicative English as well as preparing students academically.

This course is ideal as a stand-alone course for students who wish to boost their English level and confidence or for those wishing to enter into the British independent school system.

Students also enjoy a busy activities schedule with sports, games, activities and trips leaving them with a British experience they will never forget!

Senior (age 13-17 years)

The Senior Academic course is aimed at all those aspiring and motivated students who want to be challenged and have a deeper learning experience.

Each day in classes, students are taught three hours of intensive English with two hours of other academic subjects and we expect our students to be ambitious and willing to work hard.

Students benefit from small class sizes averaging eight students per class (with a maximum 12), with many of our year-round subject-specialist teachers providing the highest quality education.

Classes focus on academic rigour and are complemented by lessons and lectures involving motivational speakers and study skills practice.

In the evenings, students enjoy a full and varied recreational timetable with sports and activities to complement their learning.

Excursions are seen as an integral part of the Summer School programme and are included at weekends. Our trips are designed to extend the classroom curriculum and to provide exciting and enriching cultural experiences.