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Overview of Summer School 2018

A Sizzling Summer School

Summer 2018 was not only one of the hottest on record but also the year when we welcomed 29 different nationalities on to our existing Academic Summer School as well as our new offering of Junior and Senior Summer School programmes. 

A booming number of juniors enjoyed the Junior Multi-Sports course offering a different sport each day in the mornings followed by involvement in the enrichment classes and academic English lessons in the afternoons. Particularly popular this year were the Drama, Design Technology, Art and Language Games classes. Running alongside this programme, the Junior Academic English course enabled the junior students to accelerate their English language acquisition in their English classes as well as in a wide range of subjects classes such as Geography, History, Mathematics, Science, Economics, Music, Art and Travel and Tourism.

We made the learning experience even more hands on and active this year with our academic trips.  Students visited the museum of Somerset to see the Michael Morpurgo exhibition, and the drama, poetry and learning walk on the Quantocks was very popular too. In addition, Fynne Court provided a great venue as an outdoor classroom with lots of space for exploration and fun. All the juniors had a very busy and active summer and joined together after their lessons for a full programme of activities, sports and excursions. Based at Thone House in the prep school, the boarding facility provided the junior students with a first-hand experience of boarding school life and complete integration.

Meanwhile the Senior Summer School students (aged 13-17) were based in Foxcombe House at Taunton School International. They were an absolute delight to welcome as they were fun, respectful, keen to get involved and eager to participate fully in the courses. The launch of the new Science, Technology and Engineering course proved very successful with the students enjoying a combination of English classes and hands on Design Technology and Information Technology projects. The creation of a passive speaker based on the design of the main stage at Glastonbury Festival was a particular highlight as well as the production of a funky sunglasses case. Both projects involved hands on work in the DT workshops and the state of the art computer suite and gave the students access to the best equipment at Taunton School such as the 3D printer and laser cutter.  

In addition, for those senior students wanting to accelerate their English for study then the Academic English programme provided every opportunity for them to do so.  Culminating with the final Trinity  speaking examination, the students on this course were  challenged across a wide range of subjects such as Geography, History, Art, Economics, Travel and Tourism, Business, Mathematics Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The enrichment hour enabled students to experience Shakespeare through Drama, debating classes, jewellery making and design, orienteering, map reading and much more. By linking the academic programme to the weekend trips, excursions to cities such as Bristol, Oxford, Stratford Upon Avon, Cardiff and Exeter became more meaningful and showcased the range of culture present here in the UK. 

Finally, for prospective students wanting a boost to get ahead before joining a British boarding school in September, the pre-sessional course offered them that all important opportunity. By focusing on the development of their academic study skills alongside the acceleration of their English language this course enabled students to build their confidence and be fully prepared for the challenges ahead of them. 

All in all, the Taunton School International Summer School 2018 was a hot, busy, fun-packed and innovative time. Based on the popularity of the courses this year early booking for 2019 is an absolute must!

Suzette Youngs (Summer School Director)