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Science, Technology and Engineering

This two-week programme offers a really exciting opportunity for girls and boys, aged 13 – 17, who are interested in modern science and technology.

Three hours of English lessons take place each day, designed to develop students’ proficiency in all four skills areas of the English language: reading, writing, listening and speaking are all afforded appropriate teaching and learning time, along with vocabulary and pronunciation development.

Complementing the English lessons, students have two hours each day of highly practical and hands on tuition in Science, Technology & Engineering. During their studies, students will investigate, experiment, design and even construct a product, thus following a process from an initial idea to its final completion.

For example:

  • Design and build an app
  • Develop a programme
  • Design a product
  • Explore Robotics

Students are able to use the fantastic facilities at Taunton School to support their learning, including a state of the art IT suite, large and well-equipped science labs and outstanding DT workshops with laser cutters and 3D printers.

Students also enjoy a full range of sports and activities after lessons and participate in some excursions.