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What our students say about Summer School

Olivier - Belgian (Now in Year 12 of Taunton Senior School)

I decided to do the Summer School because I wanted to improve my English and get used to life in   an English boarding school before school officially started in September. The Summer School was the   right place to do that. My best memories were the trips we did outside of school. I still remember the   trips to London and Oxford, where we got to experience some English culture and have free time with  friends. During the Summer School I tried a lot of different subjects that I didn’t do before. I really   enjoyed the Photoshop class! Overall, the Summer School was really helpful for my English because it   improved my level of English a lot and I was perfectly prepared to start school and learn in English. 


Azzura, aged 15, Italian – went to Summer School in 2017

My English was ok before I started but improved so much after going to Summer School. My younger sister also came and it was so nice to know she was here – we get on very well. One thing I’d never experienced before was surfing which was one of the trips. It was amazing – some of the instructors thought I must have done it before as I took to it so quickly. We stayed at Foxcombe for the Summer School and I really like it there – TSIMS feels homely but I also know that I will love it at Taunton School International when I go there next year. I met friends from all over the world including some from Spain, Russia and Mauritius and I’m especially good friends with some girls from China. I’ve really loved being with lots of different nationalities. When I went on a trip to the Zoo I got stung by a bee, the school medical staff really looked after me and made me feel safe.

Yarosalv, aged 15, Belarussian, went to Summer School in 2017 now at TSIMS

I was quite happy to go and wasn’t nervous. I really enjoyed Geography – learning about different countries is something I’m very interested in. I’m also learning lots about Geography at TSIMS. I think it will help me when I’m older as I would like to have my own Business. My hobbies are swimming which I had the opportunity to do at Summer School. I especially liked volleyball too and the trips we went on. I’m hoping to go to Taunton School International when I leave TSIMS.



Alice, aged 13, Italian – went to Summer School in 2017

My older sister also went on Summer School and is at TSIMS with me. I was a little nervous when I started but it only took a day or two to feel comfortable. I made lots of friends – I see them when we visit Taunton School International.  I really enjoy drama and maybe in the future I would like to be a film actress. I’m too shy to be on a theatre stage in front of lots of people and I really don’t want to act out Shakespeare! I hope to go to Taunton School on a scholarship which I have had some meetings about already. I will definitely choose to do Drama as a subject!



Jason, aged 15, Chinese – went to Summer School in 2017 and 2016

My uncle lives in England and spoke to my parents about how good Taunton School was. That’s why I came to the Summer School and TSIMS and I may join Taunton School International when I leave. When I started, my English was so bad. I am pleased to say it has improved very much since being at Summer School and TSIMS. When I did the first Summer School it was very academic and I learnt a lot. The second Summer School I did was so fun because of the trips including one to the local climbing centre. I’d only done that once before. I also enjoyed bowling which we have the opportunity to do at TSIMS too. I’m slowly getting better at it! TSIMS is a lovely place and the garden is so peaceful.


Gabriel - Brazilian (Now in Year 12 of Taunton Senior School) 

 I grew up in Suriname which is a Dutch speaking country. My dad is British so he thought that putting   me in an English speaking school would open up more opportunities for me however in Suriname there   aren’t any good English speaking schools. So he thought why not enrol me in Taunton School as he   himself attended this school once as a student. I, of course, would never turn down such an   opportunity so I went through Taunton’s Summer School to see if I’d like it and now here I am in   Taunton School. Without a doubt the friends I made are the best memories I have from Taunton’s   Summer School. Nothing would be fun without them. I didn’t know anyone when I arrived at the   Summer School so I had to open up to people and I don’t regret a bit of it. My favourite academic   subject I learnt was English. Even though the Summer School was just 3 weeks, the classes I had   really improved my English. The English class improved my English but also talking to my friends and   teachers definitely made my English better. As time went by, I became a lot more confident in talking   with people.

 Anna - German (Now in Year 10 of the Senior School)

My best experience at Summer School was that I could work with people who are on the same level with their English that I was and it really motivated me to work harder and to improve even more. During Summer School we went on a trip to London, where we first went into a museum and afterwards had time to go shopping in small groups which I really enjoyed. There was always someone who could help me when I did not know what to do. I would definitely recommend to go to Summer School before coming to Taunton School or for one summer to improve your English or even to have fun at learning, because it takes away the fear of coming into such a big school. You get to know so many people from other nationalities and you don’t only just learn, you learn and have fun. You also do so many other activities during the day and you can just chill out sometimes with your friends in the evening.

Noemie - Swedish (Now in Year 12 of the Senior School)

At Taunton School Summer School what I liked the most was that I met people of my age from all around the world and got to know them and learn about their culture. I could practice my English with them and that made me enjoy it. My favourite trip was when we went to Oxford and visited some parts of the University of Oxford and went punting on the River Thames. It was an incredible experience to see this famous city and its magnificence. The staff were always there for us when we needed them, if it was for a maintenance question or personal support. They encouraged us to try new things. I would recommend Taunton School Summer School to a friend because it has a very different atmosphere to the other summer camps I have been to. There are many exciting activities and trips.  We were a small and bounded multi-cultural community.

Paul-Louis - French (Now in Year 12 of the Senior School)

The Summer School made my English better as I was immersed, speaking English for 3 weeks, 24 hours a day. I made a lot of friends from many different countries and I am still in contact with them. My best memory was the last day at the disco because it was really joyful and everyone took part and enjoyed it. My favourite subject was Psychology because we were doing activities and learning at the same time. 

Max - Singaporean (Now in Year 10 of the Senior School)

The Summer School helped me a lot with my English, because before I went to the Summer School, my English was disastrous. I didn't have a lot of confidence in speaking it, but after the Summer School I gained a lot more confidence, plus now I have a wee bit of an English accent coming in. My best memory from the 2016 Summer School has to be the time when I went to the theme park with all of my mates, and everyone had a great time there taking part in laser tag and all types of fun stuff. Biology was the best subject in my opinion because the teacher was so nice, took time and was very patient to help us if we were stuck on a question. The teacher also had a great sense of humour. During the period that I was in the Summer School, I made a lot of friends, some of them I am still good friends with after 2 years.

Angelica - Brazilian (Now in Year 13 in the Senior School)

My best experience on Summer School was getting to know multiple people from all around the world for the very first time. It got me out of my bubble and educated me on a lot of different cultures. The staff on Summer School were absolutely lovely. They were numerous things: fun, supportive in every aspect such as if anyone was homesick and they were very welcoming. My English was pretty good already, so I didn't need to learn too much but I did get to help my friends that I made there to get better at it. I already knew I wanted to attend Taunton School and the Summer School gave me an experience of how boarding life, social life and the education was in the school, motivating me even more to apply to Taunton School. 

Kitty, aged 13, Chinese – went to Summer School in 2016 and 2017 and is now at TSIMS

I enjoyed being with the same age people. I already knew some people who were going. Some of my friends were Chinese but I also made some new friends from different countries. I found it was very good for improving my English. My favourite subject was art and I really liked badminton too. I had never been Ten Pin Bowling before, so that was a fun trip. The food is quite different and took a bit of getting used to but I like it now.




Egor, aged 12, Belarussian – went to Summer School in 2017, now at TSIMS

I had some friends who went to Taunton School who said it was really good. That is why I chose to do Summer School. At Summer School I found that the teachers were very kind. It was a really good time. I made friends and the trips were fun, especially trampolining at AirHop. I made so many friends and I still talk to them. I came here with my older brother who did the Senior Summer School. I saw him regularly at mealtimes and it was nice for me to know he was there too. I’m staying at TSIMS for one year then I hope to go to Taunton School. Since I’ve been at TSIMS I’ve also been to Flip Out which is another trampoline place which I liked.


Pavel, aged 13, Russian – went to Summer School in 2017

I felt quite nervous when I first started. It took a few days to get used to the language barrier but then I made lots of friends. I really enjoyed English and music and I play guitar and piano. I also had the chance to experience some new sports which I hadn’t done before – netball and rounders were fun. The trips were really good at Summer School – we went to AirHop (a trampoline park). I made friends who are now here at TSIMS with me.


Yanis, aged 15, French – went to Summer School in 2017

I had planned to go to TSIMS so I thought it would be good to go to the Summer School so I could get introduced to it. At Summer School everyone was so kind – it really helped me to settle in quickly and also knowing that a lot of friends I made would be starting at TSIMS too was reassuring. I really like rugby and was glad to have the chance to play it at Summer School. However, cricket was a completely new experience! I had never heard of that sport before coming to England. When I leave TSIMS I will go to Taunton School International and then I plan to do the IB at Taunton Senior School.


Vadim, aged 11, Russian – went to Summer School in 2017

I wanted to improve my English so thought it would be a good idea to go to Summer School before starting at TSIMS. We went on so many fun trips like AirHop, the Zoo and Ten Pin Bowling. We also did a sport I’ve never experienced before which was cricket. However, basketball is my favourite – in fact, since I’ve been at TSIMS I have been playing with Taunton Tornadoes and train 3 times a week at the local sports centre 1610. They have placed me in the U14 team even though I’m only 11! However, when I grow up I will only do basketball as a hobby. I hope to be a successful businessman. I made lots of friends at Summer School and many joined TSIMS when I did. My favourite teacher is Mr Morris!


Victor, currently studying the one year GCSE course at TSI, French - went to Summer School in 2017

My adventure started in the Summer School in August. It was a superb experience because even though we had lessons, we went on a lot of trips and played a lot of sports like football or basketball and we also discovered new traditional English sports like cricket. The good thing about going to the Summer School is that I made a lot of friends who are still in TSI with me now. In September, I started to study in TSI and I have become part of the Foxcombe family. During these first few months I have learned a lot, not just academically but also socially. I have met a lot of new people from all over the world and I learn from them, about their culture, their way of living and even their language.