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An Active Week for TSIMS

An Active Week for TSIMS

On 10th October students at The Grange participated in World Mental Health Day. A variety of activities were organised by staff, focussing on improving student’s Mental Health, understanding the importance of taking time out for themselves and looking after each other. During lesson four, the students had the opportunity to select an activity that they felt would benefit their mental health. Making the most of a gloriously sunny day, Mrs Stevens, Mr Duncan and Mrs Lamb set off for a sunny walk on the Quantocks with their dogs and several of the pet-loving students. Meanwhile back at The Grange, Mrs Shearman held a relaxing Chess and Reading session on the front lawn, with the group basking in the sunshine, sitting on comfy beanbags.

Up in the Art room, Mrs Griffiths set up a variety of art materials which allowed the students to de-stress and express themselves creatively, with Kitty producing a beautiful watercolour piece and Jackson expressing his passion for planes through drawing. Mr Stephens took the experienced golfers amongst the group for a session at the local golf course and Mrs House led an energetic group of players in a game of basketball. During this time staff highlighted the importance of students talking about any problems that they might have and the sources of support available to them.

There was also flurry of activity on Friday as our students all headed off site in the evening to partake in a variety of activities. At Wellsprings Leisure Centre, the students jumped, leapt and vaulted their way over a variety of obstacles, showing us their Parkour skills. Over at the KSM Youth club Mrs Lamb helped our students create colourful cardboard robots and construct delicately folded origami objects. This was the first opportunity for our newly selected prefects Adrian, Lanta, Waka and Best to represent the school, and they all did a fantastic job bonding with the local community.

On Sunday, our Housemaster Mr Eksteen, led a group Bouldering in Plymouth at Hangar, with students using their strength to move up and across the climbing courses. After a few initial stumbles the students impressed us with their willpower and we left with many of the students expressing their desire to return again in the future.

Katherine Barnett