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Another Busy Week at TSIMS

Another Busy Week at TSIMS

This year at The Grange, basketball is a definite hit with the students. When they are not in lessons, students can often be found practising their skills on the basketball court. On Friday, 19th October a group of 18 students from The Grange set of to watch the Bristol Flyers vs Plymouth Raiders basketball game at the SGS Arena in Bristol. The students took their seats with their game snacks, and watched as the mascots warmed up the crowd. Several of our students posed for photographs with the Flyers' mascot, excitement building as the players stepped onto the court. It started as a close match, but the Flyers soon took the lead. The group watched in awe as the players moved quickly across the court and slammed the ball into the hoop with ease. As the game ended the crowds flooded out to reception where the players had gathered to meet their fans. Ramon, Best, Yuchen, Zhancheng, Pier and Rakhym all managed to seize the opportunity to get photographs with players while Fifa braved the queue for his well-deserved reward of a signature.

On Saturday evening, the group gathered in the Dining Room for some Jewellery Making, with Mrs Shearman our House Mistress. There were several different coloured jewellery kits to choose from and the students settled in to construct their bracelets. Some found it a little tricky threading the tiny beads onto the elastic and cord but after much determination and some beads on the dining room floor the items were completed! We were delighted to hear that some of the students had planned to gift their items to friends or relatives when they return home for the holidays.
It was a beautiful sunny day on Sunday and outdoor activities were held at The Grange to make the most of this. The students were given the options of Dodgeball, Badminton or taking a walk in The Spinney and 6 of our students headed out to Paignton Zoo, in Devon, with Mrs Shearman. Rakhym and Candy got up close with the animals, even if this was only the rabbit in the petting zoo.

On Tuesday, the last day before departures, following a successful outdoor classroom day, Mrs Shearman held a spooky Halloween party to wish the students farewell for half term and to celebrate their achievements over the past few weeks. There was Pumpkin Carving, Apple Bobbing and much laughter as the students took part in a game of ‘Wrap the mummy’ with each tutor group selecting a member to be wrapped head to toe in tissue paper. We were very impressed with the effort that went into the students’ costumes.

Last Sunday we were glad to welcome the students back to The Grange after the half-term break and look forward to the activities that we have planned for the remainder of the term leading up to Christmas.

Katherine Barnett