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Awesome Airhop for TSIMS

Awesome Airhop for TSIMS

On departure day, before half term, several of our students took part in a rock painting activity led by Mrs House, our Mathematics teacher in the Art Room at The Grange. The students showed their artistic flair by painting a variety of designs using acrylic paints on pebbles. These rocks were then distributed around the village to be found by locals and visitors to Kingston St Mary. The idea being that people will pick up these and distribute them further around the country, maybe even globally! Mrs House has set up a facebook page so that the journey of these rocks can be followed (Kingston Rocks). We heard this week that a stone painted by Risako featuring a beautiful boat image has made it all the way to Cornwall! We look forward to hearing about the journeys of our rocks in the future.

On Sunday 3rd of March, the whole school ventured out to the local church in Kingston St Mary, for a service led by Tracey Hallett. Mrs Hallett discussed the importance of Lent with the congregation and Anne played a lovely piece on the violin while the congregation reflected on the messages within the service. Several of our students have committed to giving up things that are bad for them and taking up new hobbies before Easter. Best has promised to give up his phone for forty days and Thulfiqar is planning to commit to a new fitness regime 3 times a week. Mrs Hallett encouraged the students to fulfil the random acts of kindness assigned to them in the last service and remember how important it is to help each other. Candy, Pier, Linda, Miri, Akari, Kitty, Best, Antony, Adrian, Barbie and Best all gave readings to the rest of the school and congregation and did an excellent job of engaging their audience. Following the service the students chatted to the local community and enjoyed squash and biscuits provided by the church.

In the afternoon Mr Eksteen, our Housemaster, led a trip to Cribbs Causeway in Bristol, where the students enjoyed some lunch. Rakhym, Akari and Miri all feasted at Wagamama’s and then went off to explore the shops. We then took the short trip over to Airhop, where the group played dodgeball on the trampolines and raced through the obstacle course before returning to school to prepare for the rest of the week.

Katherine Barnett