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Chinese New Year At The Grange

Chinese New Year At The Grange

Last week at The Grange saw the students celebrate Chinese New Year. The group enjoyed a selection of Chinese food on Tuesday evening. Mrs Shearman, our House Mistress, beautifully decorated the dining room with red tablecloths and lanterns to bring good luck. Students also received cards telling them fortunes for the upcoming year. The group then met in the drawing room where students read out the story of the zodiac and the meanings of each animal. We all listened to see if the animals matched the personalities of those born that year of the zodiac. We were also treated to some lovely, traditional Chinese music from Yuchen on the piano and the group enjoyed watching the Chinese New Year celebration on the screen in the drawing room.

On Sunday, the group headed down to Plymouth to watch a Basketball game with students from Foxcombe, this was a popular trip as the students love to play Basketball; especially as a new post has just been fitted at The Grange. Unfortunately, the Plymouth raiders failed to win the match, but the students picked up lots of tips to take back to school with them.

As Valentine's Day is this week, students from Mrs Stevens’ tutor group along with their peers, have been working hard and selling roses to raise money for their chosen charity ‘School in a Bag.’ The group spread messages of thanks and love throughout the school delivering them to staff and friends.

Katherine Barnett