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Exciting weeks ahead

Exciting weeks ahead


It has been wonderful to welcome the boarders back to Thone and to see a number of new and familiar faces coming to stay for the night, or two, or for the week. We are also lucky to be having friends come and stay over the course of the weekend, joining us for our outing to the River Dart Country Park. The House are very much looking forward to the trip which takes place on Sunday, as well as the opportunity to support the TSIMS Garden Party and the chance to have fun during ‘Splash’. That said, Thone have thrived on the sports, games, cookery, swimming and Fairy garden making they have done of an evening this week, as well as finding time to partake in the Performing Arts Café, fixtures and celebrate birthdays.

As we look ahead to the rest of the term, look out for the events and activities taking place in Thone in support of the BSA National Boarding Week.

Michelle Coleman, Head of Boarding