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Glow Sticks and Christingles at TSIMS

Glow Sticks and Christingles at TSIMS

This week our students have taken part in a mixture of events across the school. On Wednesday evening, Yuchen played piano beautifully in the Teatime Concert, supported by a small group of his peers. On Friday, a group of the students from The Grange headed over to Taunton School International to take part in the Silent Disco social. The group put on their headphones and plugged in for an evening of dancing and getting to know the Foxcombe students. The students listened to various tunes and lit up the floor attaching glow sticks to their shoes!

On Sunday the group headed over to the Church in Kingston St Mary, with Christingles that they had constructed from oranges, sweets and candles. For many it was the first time that students had heard of a Christingle and the students enjoyed learning the meaning and symbolism associated with this Christmas tradition.

This week sees the beginning of exam week before the end of this term and with the arrival of the Christmas tree at The Grange, the festivities are set to continue up until we wish the students farewell for Christmas.

Katherine Barnett