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Love Your Library

Love Your Library

The Carrington Library is the beating heart of our wonderful Hogwartsian campus. And in true literary style, our librarians form a duo fit for any comic or novel. Think Frodo and Sam, but with a lot less toe hair. And let’s face it, Miss Lockwood’s love of literature is only matched by that of her trusty sidekick, Mrs Kitchen.

But tell us, when was the last time you visited the library? Turns out it’s changed quite a lot over the years. Refurbished in the summer of 2015, it’s now a phiz-whizzing hub for independent learning, as well as the ideal location to get together with friends and obsess over your latest literary find. The library’s décor is also designed to help you become more productive. However, deciding on the right colour for the walls proved a difficult challenge, and with lots of shades to choose from, it became almost impossible. But luckily Miss Lockwood settled on the perfect yellow – the best colour to aid memory!

Scattered around the rustic shelves of The Carrington Library you’ll find a whole host of colourful memorabilia. These are three dimensional guides to what is on offer. See that freaky doll in the corner? Well, it just so turns out that she does more than point you to Victorian literature. In fact, she has a pretty interesting backstory. Just ask Miss Lockwood. And that’s the great thing about libraries, there is always more than meets the eye. Everything has layers and meanings, some of which might surprise you.

Now, rumour has it that there are over 28,000 records across both the Carrington and Wood Library. Nobody has yet managed to get through them all, but we think you’d be up for the challenge! We’ve got books full of riddles, tales of fighters, exploring adventures and runaway tigers. The library even has a ‘Wow Factor’ collection; a series of books put together to make you the most interesting character you can be. So, next time you’re popping by, why not learn How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog or dip your toes into a Dickensian world? And if you’re not interested in novels, don’t fret, the library has an extensive selection of newspapers and magazines for you to choose from. Learn the best travel tips from National Geographic or catch up with all things Kardashian thanks to Cosmopolitan. No matter what your taste, the library has your back.

We work hard to fulfil your demands, and when it comes to literary opinions, even our librarians won’t shhh you. In fact, both Miss Lockwood and Mrs Kitchen will go the extra mile to find you that coveted book. By popular demand, new additions to the ever-expanding library include translations of modern fiction novels, as well as the latest bestsellers. Harry Potter in French anyone? If you haven’t been in there lately, drop in and discover what you’re missing!