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My adventure at TSI

My adventure at TSI

My Life at Taunton School International by Yok

In Taunton School International we stay together like a family. The boarding house is very comfortable. Mrs Youngs or Mr Stevens are very nice. If you have any problems you can talk to them and they will help you to fix the problem. However, you can also talk with a prefect or one of the staff.

The advantages to staying here are that you can meet a lot of new people and make new friends, learn about different cultures and try to understand different types of nationalities. In school we have very good sports pitches, swimming pools, fitness suite and plenty of activities, such as hockey and, my favourite, during the weekend you can go to town or on school trips.

The food here is very delicious. You can eat British food and international food. You can also meet British students and have a meal with them over in the senior school (Taunton School).
In our classes, we have a small number of students, with no more than ten people in a lesson. This means we can spend more time with our teacher and its easier and nicer to ask questions.