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New Starters and Woodland Adventures

New Starters and Woodland Adventures

On 23rd April we welcomed eight new students to The Grange. The week started with students completing their inductions and being introduced to their new peers and roommates. It was a lovely evening on Tuesday, giving the students the opportunity to play outside with their new friends and enjoy the sunshine.

At the weekend the group set off on two different trips. A group of boys from The Grange, Foxcombe and the Senior School accompanied by Mr Duncan and Mr Lovett headed to Haldon Forest in Exeter for some Mountain Biking. Another group stayed a little closer to home exploring the Quantocks by taking part in Horse Riding.

After being given their bikes and the instructors assessing the students’ abilities, the mountain bikers headed off to test their skills on the different trails and admire the views of the woodland on the different courses. We were impressed by the new junior boys, Ryan, Bruce and Dylan, who all gave mountain biking a good go, especially Dylan who had not ridden on such tough terrain before. Despite several of the students taking a tumble the group expressed how much fun they had had on the trip and would love to return in the future.

Katherine Barnett