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Praise From Outside The School

Praise From Outside The School

Some of the best emails which I receive as Head come from adults who are not connected with our school but who take the time and trouble to write in order to praise the behaviour and attitudes of TPS pupils. This was the case after the Year 8 PRE and History trip to Buckfast Abbey last Monday. It was particularly pleasing to hear how mature and respectful our pupils were when spending time in the chapel itself. Our TPS Way focuses on being kind and respectful and many congratulations to Year 8 for demonstrating this to such good effect last Monday.

For their Enrichment lesson last Saturday, Years 7 and 8 enjoyed a very thoughtful and stimulating session on careers led by our resident expert in the Senior School, Mr Judd. It was excellent for us all to think about what the world of work will look like when our young people get to that stage of their lives. It was also very good to reflect upon how every subject which they study in school helps our pupils develop skills which may turn out to be vital in the job market of tomorrow.

It is tremendous to see so many of our pupils preparing to take part in the Taunton Arts Festival and it is so important that our children are given the chance to perform in all sorts of different situations. I particularly enjoyed last Monday’s assembly on the theme of Success, delivered with great confidence by the members of 7A. The ability to stand up and speak clearly in front of a large audience is a very valuable life skill which will stay with our boys and girls for the rest of their school and working lives.

I met this week with a traffic management professional and the two of us, together with Mr Harris (our Site Manager) and Mrs Leah (our Head of TPPS), spent time observing traffic at all of the peak times during the day, looking at ways in which driving and marking might be improved. It was very heartening to hear the visiting specialist say how impressed he was with the calm and co-operative ethos which he witnessed from our road-users throughout the day. Please do give any thoughts on this subject to Mrs Verge in the TPS Office and I will ensure that they are given consideration during this professional review.

I also met with representatives from the company called Tempest who produce our school photos (the class and individual photos, not the sports photos). We had a wide ranging discussion and it would again be very helpful to receive any thoughts on this subject.

I hope that you all have a very enjoyable and restful exeat weekend.

Mr Andrew Edwards
Headmaster TPS