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TSIMS Experience Virtual Reality

TSIMS Experience Virtual Reality

This weekend saw several trips into Bristol for the students from The Grange. On Sunday, a large group attended a Virtual Reality experience organised by Mr Eksteen our House Master. The group rode the virtual rollercoaster and took part in high speed races on motorbikes. It was great fun watching their reactions, particularly Mohammed and Fifa dancing and jumping around trying to fight aliens, as images were shown directly inside the students’ headsets.

Meanwhile, some of the group headed to the harbour side and donned their lab coats, joining students from TSI in an attempt to escape from Locked in a Room. The students followed various clues, solving puzzles and searching the room in an attempt to make their way out. This was a test of their communication skills, as they shared their ideas on how to get out with the rest of the group. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the group failed to escape the room within the hour time limit!

In tutorials this week, following an excellent assembly and quiz on the topic of Growth Mindset, the students set to work creating origami penguins, without any instructions. We found that several students already possessed a growth mindset, showing perseverance and positivity with this task and helping others who found it a little tricky. The students then had another attempt following detailed instructions and noticed how much easier it was. We hope that the group will be able to continue this mindset and have belief in their own abilities to learn new skills throughout the rest of the year.

Katherine Barnett