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TSIMS Take a Break with Laser Tag

TSIMS Take a Break with Laser Tag

This week marks the start of exam week at The Grange and with the students working hard there was opportunity for a break from studying, to take part in Laser Tag organised by our Housemaster, Mr Eksteen.

The equipment for this week’s activity was delivered to The Grange, this allowed students not taking part to watch their friends whilst revising with their laptops outside and continue to make the most of the good weather.

After listening to directions from instructors and selecting their laser guns and fashionable headgear, the students participating were split into two teams in which they spent the majority of their time. The group practised their communication skills, helping out their team mates and dodging their adversaries. The final game involved a shoot-out between all students to establish one overall champion. The group enjoyed the afternoon hunting down their opponents and finding secret hiding places to avoid being tagged. Abdul proved to be particularly successful at this, avoiding the infrared beams despite the efforts of his peers to catch him.

Katherine Barnett