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World Book Day at TSIMS

World Book Day at TSIMS

The students at The Grange are well practiced in the art of pancake flipping, they have had practice in assembly and even had a go at Chapel last weekend. So on Shrove Tuesday the group celebrated Pancake Day by indulging in pancakes after school, served by Mrs Shearman, Mrs House, Mrs Stevens and Mr Duncan.

On Thursday, to mark World Book Day, a Book Fair was set up in the Forest Classroom and it wasn’t hard to encourage students to part with their cash to enjoy the writing of some of their favourite authors. Fifa loved choosing the next book on his must read list from the selection of Tom Gates books available whilst the girls selected books from upcoming authors, such as Holly Smale. Now the only issue is to get Fifa to put his book down!

After lunch, the students were treated to some fun as the staff put on their costumes and took part in a game of ‘Where's Wally?’. Mr Ngo set off the groups to hunt for the Wallys hidden around the site and with Miss Donnachie hiding in the tuck cupboard and Mr Stephens buried deep under the sports equipment in the sports shed, this was no easy task. When the bell rang and the game was up, the winners were announced as Mrs Shearman’s tutor group, they were rewarded with some treats. We loved seeing the students dress up as their favourite characters, use their imagination and engage with their reading. We are sure that they will put the book tokens given to them by their English teachers, to good use.

Katherine Barnett