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Discovering Cheddar Gorge

Discovering Cheddar Gorge

Thursday, December 8, 2016


I recently went caving with TSIMS. It was a trip that Mrs Mawson had organised to Cheddar Gorge, which is fairly close to the school. We had the choice between going into the caves or just walking around them with a guide. I chose to go into the caves; I knew I would love it.

We had to put on some safety equipment before going into the cave. When I was putting on my helmet, a worm fell out of it! It was really disgusting, but funny at the same time. When we entered the caves, I was really excited. First, we went crawling through the floor, and went inside a chamber. The instructor told us about safety and that we weren’t allowed to explore on our own. Then the worst part came. We had to go through a ‘letterbox’ and it was so tiny! It was really hard for all of us to fit through. Finally, we came back to the first chamber and started rolling on our sides to get back to the outside, which was one of my favourite parts. Everyone did really well.

In my opinion, it was fun and I did most of the crawling easily. It was one of the most exciting trips we’ve done. I loved it!

Monica Echevarria-Gomez, Aged 12 from Spain