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TSI students take to the track

TSI students take to the track

Monday, January 23, 2017

On Saturday national pride was at stake as twelve students and two staff members from Taunton School International fought it out on the track at Weston-Super-Mare‘s indoor go-karting arena. Everyone was taking it seriously as we were split into two groups of seven and had a quick ten lap warm-up before finally getting down to the first of the qualifying sessions, where both groups raced well and were fairly competitive. 

The second phase of races saw those drivers with the slowest times race off against one another, before the fastest drivers took their seats for the deciding race. The final grid positions saw drivers from Thailand, the UK, Spain, Russia, Belgium and Germany lined up to do battle once more. Twenty laps of the track resulted in several spin-outs and misjudged corners, but also some skillful overtaking and, most importantly, lots of fun!

Despite a number of the drivers recording personal best times in the final race, there could only be one overall winner, and so bragging rights (for now!) go to the pride of Germany, Felix Dietmann! Mention should also go to Stepan Krivonogov, who finished in second place overall but recorded the fastest lap time of the day, as well as Tito Ramirez Calvo who finished third after producing some fine overtaking manoeuvres that even the great Fernando Alonso would have been proud of!

Mr Jessop, TSI