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An international music delight

An international music delight

Friday, March 24, 2017

Last week over 20 students from TSI and TSIMS entertained a full house including Governors, staff from all parts of the School, TS students and their peers. The programme was varied ranging from a piano lullaby to a couple of extremely exciting, and loud, drumming solos. One unusual Aeolian harp piece involved the simultaneous plucking of the piano strings whilst playing chords on the keys. Angel’s captivating rendition of a traditional Chinese violin piece was haunting and technically demanding. The TSIMS Choir treated us to a delightful mix of musical genres in their choice of song.

To round off the concert Arms and Paulo gave us a grand finale on drums, guitar and voice. However, the students’ enjoyment of music, whether playing or listening, was the real highlight of the concert for me – I hope they all continue to love music itself and continue to share their passion for it next year in whichever part of Taunton School they are in and throughout their future lives.

Mrs Collier, TSI