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The Arrival of the Students...

The Arrival of the Students...

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday 11th of September saw the much awaited start of term at Taunton School International with students arriving all day from a multitude of destinations. This year TSI has 25 different nationalities represented at the school.

From sportsmen and women to musicians, a vibrant collection of students came through our gates, many for the first time. Following a long day of travelling for some and then completing all of the relevant tasks upon arrival here at the school, the students headed down for a hearty meal at the Senior School before returning for an evening of getting to know each other and for some, some much needed sleep! They have all settled in extremely quickly and friendships that will undoubtedly be for life have already started to form.

We are all really looking forward to the year ahead and our students being able to challenge themselves, achieve their goals and most importantly have fun!

It has also been a busy week for both staff and students at TSIMS. With the students moving into The Grange, and some returning to the school, it was smiles all round as teachers and students alike welcomed new students and staff. This year, eighteen nationalities contribute towards the culturally rich international environment of TSIMS.

Teachers gave tours of the school to the new parents and students, allowing them to see the warm and friendly environment that their sons and daughters would be moving into.

The students quickly made friends, connected well with each other and have settled in remarkably well.
Some students enjoyed playing new sports and games together whilst others used the opportunity to serenade visitors, students and staff to ‘Hey Jude’ on the piano and guitar.

It has been a week of routine, hard work, tests and friendship building. Once allocated to their tutors, the students set about learning the rules of TSIMS, how to be safe around the site and signing up for clubs across Taunton School.
As the weekend approaches, all the TSIMS students and staff are preparing for an exciting and challenging weekend camping on the Quantocks.