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Pupils raise funds for Himalayan children

Pupils raise funds for Himalayan children

Monday, January 29, 2018

Taunton School International Middle School (TSIMS) pupils have raised more than £4,000 to fund a 6-year-old Himalayan boy’s education and repairs to a village school.

The children from TSIMS handed over a cheque to the charity Himalayan Children and its founder Gail McAllister recently. The charity focuses on providing an education for children, many of whom are orphans or come from families who live as Nomads in the Himalayan region of Ladakh.

The money raised will pay for five years of education for a six-year-old boy called Sanjay who is studying at the Lamdon School, in Ladakh, and go towards the Gompa Village community to help them repair a school building. TSIMS Head, Mary Allen recently visited the schools in Ladakh and met Sanjay.

Staff and students across Taunton School have become increasingly involved in supporting individual children to give them a better start in life. The children raised the money by holding mufti days, proceeds from their school’s tuck shop, community donations from a Christmas music morning and their Summer Fair.