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Welcome Back to TSI!

Welcome Back to TSI!

Monday, September 24, 2018

 Arrivals day on the 10th September was a huge success for Taunton School International, the sun was shining brightly as the students arrived and adapted well to what would be their home for the next year.

The induction week was busy, but students settled in well thanks to trips such as flip out that allowed students to bond even further and create great friendships, whilst having a huge amount of fun at the same time!

During induction week students had a chance to get to know their tutors by taking part in what was a very competitive tutor quiz! Mr O’Callaghan’s tutor group reigned supreme but a great evening was had by all students and staff as they took part in some very funny rounds including; British Foods and a teacher’s photo round, which created lots of laughs between students and staff!

The induction week was rounded off by a fantastic team building trip to Outpost which included exciting activities such as air rifle shooting, archery and a river crossing. Once again the weather was on our side which added to a great atmosphere amongst students and staff with lots of happy faces as induction week drew to a close.

Lastly, it has been great to see integration between students at Taunton International School and Taunton School. Justin was picked to play in the basketball first team, with their first match resulting in a win 33-66 away to Kings College. Tamane and Arina attended a teatime concert down at Taunton school, enjoying the beautiful music being played by their peers. Participation in clubs such as drama, sports and cookery has allowed the students to make further friends across at Taunton School as they get begin to get more and more stuck in to life at Taunton.

The first two weeks of term have been hugely successful and we look forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring!