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Ballet, Code Breaking and Magic at TSI

Ballet, Code Breaking and Magic at TSI

Monday, March 25, 2019

The past fortnight has been a busy one for the students at Foxcombe, with lots of trips and events happening the past couple of weeks.

On Friday staff and students all gathered in the Foxcombe common room over lunchtime to watch Mr Jones’ tutor group run a very comical and exciting charity leg wax! Students and staff raised a fantastic £80 which will go towards the Open Door charity which is a Taunton based charity day centre for the homeless.

On Saturday, 15 students went to Bristol to see Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake at the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre. Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake was quite different to the original version. The most significant difference was that all the swans were played by male dancers. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show and the production behind it!

Last Wednesday, several students from TSI and TS celebrated Persian New Year in the common room, by cooking and baking foods traditional for New Year. Many TSI students got to experience the Enigma event also last Wednesday where they were able to find out about the origins of coding from the Spartans all the way through until the use of coding at Bletchley Park during World War two.

Lastly over the past weekend 24 students got to enjoy a trip to Clarks Village where they had a great time finding some fantastic bargains and eating some great food! On Sunday 6 students went on a trip to Harry Potter World with TSIMS where they got to delve into the mystery and excitement of Harry Potter as they got to tour around the sets and even try some butterbeer! It was a fantastic day and everyone came back to TSI tired but extremely happy after what was a wonderful day.