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TSI Refreshed and Ready

TSI Refreshed and Ready

Monday, March 4, 2019

Students and staff returned to TSI feeling refreshed and ready for the new half-term following the break. For a group of TSI and TSIMS students the half-term was filled with an exhilarating trip to Italy for the ski trip, where they enjoyed blissful weather whilst taking to the slopes on their boards and skis.

Over the weekend a group of students went on a Geography trip to Bristol Harbour where they went to explore and view the regeneration of Bristol Harbour and the sites around it.

Across the week there was also the return of sports matches. Leo and Justin played in the Basketball first team, winning against Queens College 78 - 29. Additionally, Koray played in the Hockey second team where they drew against Blundells 2-2.

The next week sees a busy week for those at TSI, with Shrove Tuesday celebrations, paintballing and IELTS exams all happening.