Expressive Art & Design aims to develop your child’s creative skills and self-expression through exploration, imagination, media and materials.

Our fun-packed activities, including art, music, dance, play and stories, will unleash your child’s creativity and imagination as they discover the amazing world of colour, sound, texture, shape and form around them.

And to encourage the exploration of self-expression further, we use a variety of materials and techniques such as drawing, painting, sticking, model making and printing.

As music is a great way for your child to discover the wonders of sound, we actively encourage learning through many forms of music. From listening, movement, performing and improvisation, to songs and music-making.

Our Nursery and Pre-Prep is all about inspiration and engagement through imaginative play and learning opportunities which is why you’ll find the home corner regularly transformed into everyday environments. These include a veterinary surgery, cafe, hospital and even a beauty salon to stimulate your child’s imagination to the full and encourage interaction with other children through play.