Through stimulating and fun activities, children develop their reading and writing skills, as well as learn how to communicate effectively.

In the Nursery we use storytelling, nursery rhymes, poems, counting games and finger rhymes to encourage listening and interaction in order to develop concentration, attention and participation skills.

Listening to stories and reading books actively invites conversation and helps build your child’s self-confidence and boosts their self-esteem. We teach them to listen to other children as well as encourage them to share their own thoughts in order to develop their speaking skills and increase their vocabulary.

As well as stories and books, we use all sorts of fun activities to develop your child’s reading skills before they progress to the Jolly Phonics scheme in future Nursery years. These include familiar words such as their own name to help them associate particular sounds with letters and words, as well as jigsaws and games that involve matching, such as lotto.

To develop your child’s writing skills, we focus on how to hold writing utensils correctly to enable easy letter formation. From expressing themselves with pencils, wax crayons, chalk, felt pens and various sizes and shapes of paper, to writing in sand, paint and the air.