Our Nursery’s safe environment plays a pivotal role in your child’s personal, social and emotional development by allowing them to build their self-confidence and self-esteem, whilst learning to manage their feelings and form relationships with other children and adults.

Developing your child’s sense of independence is achieved in a number of ways in the Nursery. Starting with small steps at first, your child is given their own peg, identifiable with their name and photo, to hang their bag on. They’re also encouraged to undress and dress for swimming and to fasten and unfasten their own coats. As their confidence and need for independence grows, they are further encouraged to make decisions of their own, such as choosing activities in the Nursery.

Taking our lunch breaks in the Dining Room allows the children to experience more of the school as a whole. They also learn the importance of choosing healthy snack and meal options, manners, sharing and how to use appropriate infant-sized cutlery correctly.

Our Nursery and Pre-Prep is also where they will experience their first taste of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE), covering friendship, healthy living, safety, personal and emotional development and physical development, as well as self respect and respect for others and the environment. This will continue to be part of the learning process throughout their Taunton School education, right up until Senior School.