Physical Development aims to develop your child’s movement and handling skills, as well as their health and safe care.

The Nursery setting provides a safe and fun environment for a multitude of indoor activities that help develop hand and eye coordination, motor skills and actively promote the importance of sharing toys and equipment. From playing with playdough, clay, water and sand, to expressing themselves with chalk, paint, pencils, felt pens and crayons.

Outdoors our extensive grounds include a large dedicated playground and orchard area where children can play together, whilst developing their spatial awareness and learning about respecting the personal space of others.

Toys include double chariots, double bikes, pushchairs, buggies, carts, ride-on toys and climbing apparatus that are perfect for developing your child’s balance, coordination and motor skills. Balls for mastering throwing and kicking techniques are also in abundance.

Music and movement is also on the agenda with fun activities including exercising to music and exercise rhymes, which help to develop movement control, rhythm and musical ability.

And finally, our 25m indoor swimming pool provides a calm, safe and fun environment where Nursery children enjoy twice weekly sessions in the water. Activities and playing with toys and floats allow them to experience water, gain confidence and develop muscle control.