Understanding the World aims to develop your child’s understanding of people, communities, technology and the world itself.

Through engaging activities and games, your child will develop a wide understanding of the how, what, why, when and where of things, whilst embracing design and technology, science, history, geography and information technology.

Maximising on your child’s natural curiosity to question their surroundings and the world beyond, our activities encourage them to explore, discover, understand and share their findings.

Our Forest School and beautiful grounds provide practical experience in science and nature at work. From experiencing the changing seasons and various weather conditions to playing with water and sand, your child will enjoy welly walks and the local wildlife in its natural habitat.

But that’s not all; basic skills such as folding, cutting, joining and building are taught in preparation for the Design Technology National Curriculum, plus there are great opportunities for your child to express themselves through cooking.

And to familiarise your child with the digital age, computers with fun and educational software allow them to experience information technology and discover the important role it plays in today’s world.