A day in the life of a child in Nursery 2…

Our Nursery opens nice and early from 7.30am when parents have a chance to chat with Nursery staff and the children play.

Following registration children say ‘Good Morning’ and share their news. At 8.45am we enjoy structured activity time, followed by teaching time in small groups. When the clock strikes 10am we have a good old sing song before indulging in a healthy snack and an outside break. Then it’s back inside for a lovely story and before long it’s time for a delicious and nutritious lunch at 11.45am.

The afternoon begins at 12.30pm with quiet time where we share and enjoy books. Once we’ve welcomed new arrivals at 12.45pm, we get busy with games, puzzles and construction. Then it’s outside to expel some more energy before enjoying another fun activity inside. There’s just enough time to enjoy a healthy afternoon snack and a story before school finishes at 3.30pm.

And for children staying after school, there’s more fun to be had with indoor and outdoor activities. We provide a tasty tea and you can collect anytime up until 5.45pm.

Click here to see a typical timetable for Nursery 2.