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Early Years Entitlement

In Partnership with the Somerset Code of Practice for Early Years, we offer Early Years Entitlement Funding to help with Nursery fees.

A maximum of 570 hours of Early Years Entitlement is available for two year olds who meet the eligibility criteria. It is the responsibility of the parent to access this funding. For all three and four year olds, Taunton School will access the funding for you.

• The maximum entitlement that can be claimed per day is 10 hours
• The minimum entitlement that can be claimed per day is 2.5 hours
• The maximum entitlement that can be claimed per week is 15 hours

At Taunton School, we offer a stretched system that enables you to access the funding throughout 48 weeks of the year. Plus, we’re also able to offer you an enhanced free entitlement worth £3.67 an hour.

The entitlement funding can be claimed at a maximum of two providers at any one time, enabling you to split the hourly entitlement between the two. However, for continuity we recommend that your child attends at least three sessions a week, and to aid the smooth transition from Nursery to Reception, attend full time in Nursery 4.

For more information on Early Years Entitlement Funding, please contact our Nursery Headmistress on 01823 703300 or our Nursery Admissions Administrator on 01823 703302 or via tppsadmissions@tauntonschool.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can access more information via Somerset County Council’s website, or call the helpline on 0845 3459122.