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Baby Swimming

Our safe and warm swimming pool, complete with lifeguard, is where our free Parent and Baby Swim Sessions take place on Wednesdays from 8.30am - 9.15am.

Not only are these 45 minute sessions incredibly fun and great for bonding with your baby, but they also help to develop your baby's water confidence, improve their coordination and balance, plus help to build, strengthen and develop their muscles and muscle control.

But not only that; swimming also helps with brain development and provides a cardiovascular workout, whilst improving your child's appetite and sleep patterns, which can’t be bad!

Also, children attending our Nursery can benefit and enjoy our wonderful swimming pool in our Nursery Swim Sessions on Fridays (Nursery 3) and Tuesdays at 2pm and Thursday at 10.20am (Nursery 4).

For further information on our Parent and Baby Swim Sessions and Nursery Swim Sessions, please contact the Head of Nursery and Pre-Prep on 01823 703300.