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Sensory Baby

Daily Sensory Baby Sessions take place in our Nursery’s Baby Room which is brilliantly equipped to help your baby explore and learn through their senses.

Using props, equipment and toys, our Sensory Baby Sessions aim to stimulate and develop self-awareness, awareness of others, movement and hand-eye coordination by engaging your baby’s senses through a range of fun activities.

Whether it’s singing nursery rhymes and songs, listening to stories or playing instruments to develop your baby’s communication skills and sense of sound, exploring touch through massage and bubbles or sight through lights and projection shows, our sessions will help your little one become more aware of their senses and how to engage them.

As well as Sensory Baby Sessions, we also offer two Baby Sensory Days for parents and their babies through the Baby Sensory Group run by Kerrie Lennehan. For more information, please contact her on 07967974667 or via taunton@babysensory.co.uk.