The Health Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during term time, to give treatment and look after sick pupils if necessary. There is a registered nurse on duty from 0800 until 1900, Monday to Saturday. At all other times there is a matron on duty who is first aid trained. Our matrons are Sarah Bowe, Julie Coventry and Alison Newman.  There is always a nurse on call who the matron can contact for advice and support if required.

The School Doctors are Dr Tim Howes and Dr Hilda Gormley (based at French Weir Health Centre) who visit the school four times a week and run routine surgeries. Doctor’s appointments are made through the school Health Centre. They are also available to the nursing staff for advice and support during the working day. Visits can also be made to the Doctors surgery at French Weir Health Centre if required.

There are 7 qualified nurses, Emily Kane (Sister-in-charge) who works full time and, Danni Ziabek, Helen Stenhouse, Janey McCarthy, Davindra Jane and Marina Hanham who all work part time. We have a mental health nurse, Maria Field who works part time. Emma Holberry is our health care assistant.

Ian Brewer is a Chartered Physiotherapist and treats pupils in the Health Centre. He holds four clinics a week. He liaises with nursing and sports staff to provide a comprehensive service for our pupils. Appointments with Ian are booked through the Health Centre. The charge of £12 for a 10 minute appointment is added to the end of term bill.

Frank Crawford and Jess Harrison are both qualified counsellors and see pupils as required. Pupils are referred via the doctors, nurses, teachers, parents or self referral.

Sue Horne is a foot care practitioner. She runs two clinics a month and appointments are booked through the Health Centre. The charge of £27 for a 30 minute appointment (first appointment is 40 minutes) is added to the end of term bill.

The nurses have extensive and varied medical experience between them and the following is some of their responsibilities:

  • Caring for sick and injured pupils
  • Supporting children with chronic medical conditions
  • Health screening
  • Travel advice
  • Immunisation/vaccination programmes
  • Individual work with pupils on variety of health issues i.e. alcohol, drugs, smoking, eating, exercise, diet SRE and help with any concerns pupils might have
  • Supporting pupils with and promoting good mental health
  • First aid training
  • Accompanying pupils to appointments
  • Teaching PSHE in all parts of the school
  • Advice and support for parents and staff

Health promotion is also provided and the Health Centre plays an extensive role within school.

If you would like further information please contact:

Health Centre 01823 703161